Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Zumba Videos from youtube

If you still know nothing about zumba I've placed some great examples of Zumba from a selection of Zumba Videos that are on youtube, on my site. The link is www.dancenyoga.com/zumba_video.

Watch, enjoy and see what all the rave is about!


Susannah Lung said...

I just emailed Zumba about banning the wonderful Tanya video from You Tube. I first saw Zumba on that video, started to dance, and 9 minutes later was hooked. I have used it almost every day with the dvds from my Zumba kit and love every minute of it. I hated exercise before Zumba. In my email, I pointed out that they were losing millions of dollars of free advertising by not having that video on You Tube-that I was even willing to buy it. They emailed me back, didn't even talk about my concerns, and tried to sell me Zumba Gold. Very frustrating!

Sue said...

Hi Susannah:
I did not know that they banned that video. Anyway, there are many other videos of Tanya on youtube right now of her class workshops. But I agree, it was a very inspiring video and probably inspired many many people to do zumba.